It Is impossible to simply preume that images are based on visibe entities (anything that is presented). The visual world is constructed out of date that emanates from the outside and is translated inside And the translation that occurs within the body from the eye to brain can be linked to the transformation of visual date into an image. In the concept of of "image and signal" designed to be interpreted through a set of two picture, a photographic reproduction can be seen as an objectified vision achived through a painting, and a conscious contrast between a "visuality associated with an instantaneous response derived from light and color" (signal) and a "visuality that leads from recognition of an image to the structuring of a space" (image). On a visual leve, the qualitative difference between the objectified element of "image" and "signal" are suggest by comlexity of visiable date and the potential that exists for it's translation.


 “Image/Signal” est la première œuvre où j’ai essayé d’interpréter la peinture comme un appareil récepteur d’informations internes et externes. J’ai envisagé de saisir de manière analytique le sens corporel de « regarder » à partir d’une photo qui composerait deux peintures différentes. En comprenant, comme la vision objective, la reproduction de la photo par les peintures, j’ai fait une comparaison de la vision, au sens physiologique du terme, avec ce qu’on pourrait appeler « la visualité », qui s’orienterait vers la structuration de l’espace à partir de la perception de l’image.




From the top, 1,2,3, 

Courtesy of Gallery αM

Photo by Ken Kato


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Photo by Masaru Yanagiba